Program Delivery

Program Delivery

The Program is a blended course that has synchronous as well as asynchronous components of learning resources.

The course is delivered through the Learning Management System where in the students would get access to the learning resources and also attend the online sessions as per the delivery schedule as published on the website.

The total workload for MBA is 90 ECTS.

1 semester - 30 ECTS (courses)

2 semester - 20 ECTS (courses)

3 semester - 10 ECTS (courses)

4 semester - 30 ECTS (Business Research, Thesis Presentation, Diploma Thesis)

Learning Management System:

Students would receive access to the learning management system within 21 working days from date of registration, subject to enrollment eligibility criteria and submission of mandatory documents for admission purpose.

For every course, the students would be able to access their courseware along with access to live interactive sessions (as per calendar published on the website), quiz, discussion questions and assignment for every course/subject.


The students would be evaluated for every course as below:

1.Continuous Assessment:

  • 3 Quiz with 10 Questions in each quiz (100 marks x 3= 300 Marks) (System generated quiz submission through learning management system)
  • 3 Discussion Questions (Short Essay) – (100 marks x 3= 300 Marks) (Answer Sheets in word format to be uploaded in the learning management system by students)

2.Final Assessment:

  • Every Course/Subject would have 1 Assignment of 100 marks which the student would need to submit/upload in learning management system before the last date as per the academic calendar published on the website.

Passing Criteria:

The passing criteria is 50% per course / subject

IIBN follows grading system for every course / subject.

Lower range of marks Grade Upper range of marks
91 ≤A+ < 100
82 ≤A < 91
73 ≤B+ < 82
64 ≤B < 73
55 ≤C+ < 64
50* ≤C < 55

*Less than 50 % have failed in assessment and students need to re-appear for the same by paying re-assessment fees of Rs. 300 /subject.

Academic Calendar

Admission Batch Month Of Admission Continuous Assessment : Quiz and Discussion Questions Submission Last Dates Final Assessment : Assignment Submission Last Date (*Sem 4 Project Work)< Tentative Online Result Declaration Date
Jan Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April 30th May 30th May 15th August
July May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct 30th November 30th November 15th Feb

*Students who have successfully completed and passed all the semesters of MBA should apply for Degree Application by paying the Degree Application fees of $150

*In case the student misses the above deadline for submissions, the student has the option to submit the same in the next exam cycle

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