The key advantages of enrollment in our programs:

Our MBA students get opportunities at a top executive stage in professional career and acquire:
  • Advance knowledge and significant practical experience for achieving top management in Russia and internationally
  • Highly recognized diplomas in Russia and internationally
  • Various opportunities for double degrees upon completion of MBA programs delivered by IIBN internationally
  • Prestigious and elite status in business community in Russia and internationally
  • Extended direct linkages and networking in Russia, BRICS countries and internationally to expand own business and find respective partners for business
  • Significant career and internship opportunities in top companies in Russia and internationally
  • Extended opportunities for employment in a growing number of BRICS countries' current projects
  • Accredidation of the program and graduate documents by respective State Bodies as Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor), professional and networking Bodies as St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, St.Petersburg Committee for Entrepreneurship and Consumer Markets Development, etc...